About us

25 years - Research I Consulting I Services

We are an owner-operated enterprise for consulting and services in the field of cleaning technologies for natural fibres, founded and headquartered for more than 25 years in Aachen / Germany.

At the core is our passion for the products of exclusive, uncompromised craftsmanship in interior decoration and the unique beauty of the naturally renewable materials used.

The secret of our success is our cultivation of a strong network of architects, interior designers, manufacturers of exclusive rugs, carpets and fabrics, market leaders in interior design and manufacturers of cleaning technologies for natural fibers, all of whom are willing to pool their expertise and sometimes take the road less traveled.

"Many things are a matter of taste – except quality."

Based on this principle and our comprehensive experience, our technicians clean carpets and rugs, ceilings, walls and interiors made of natural fibers in aircrafts, hotels, commercial buildings, residences and yachts all over the world.

The employees of our consulting division offer customised seminars providing our specific expertise in the use of cleaning technologies for natural fibers. Working closely with our customers, we develop costomed-tailored cleaning schedules for their properties.

We hope we will soon be able to add you to our stable of satisfied customers.

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